Moon Maiden's Delights is a mindful bakery, crafting from scratch pastries with nutrient dense ingredients.  

My pastries can be found in Charlottesville, Virginia at my new retail bakery on the walking mall in York Place Shops. Also, find my products around town at local staples such as Rebecca's Natural Foods, Java Java, The Juice Laundry, and Paradox Pastry.

A select line of offerings are also available for shipping, making Moon Maiden's treats available across the country. Inquire through contact page.

 My mission as a baker is to bring beautiful, wholesome, intentionally made delights to my community.  I like to focus on plant-based, sprouted, whole grain, and gluten-free offerings. I find this form of baking offers me a well-spring of creativity and challenge.  I welcome requests from all dietary walks of life and will work with you to fulfill your desired indulgence. 

Moon Maiden's vegan and gluten-free pastries are quite different from what you will typically find at conventional bakeries and grocery stores.  Ingredients are chosen based on nutritional integrity and robust delicious flavor.  Gluten-free pastries offered are made from in-house freshly sprouted, and milled whole grain flours.  All ingredients are organic.    

Baking is a craft and extension of the heart.  I consider myself blessed in coming to this vocation.  Food is a central part of our daily lives and community interaction.  Our relationship with food is precious and intimate, as it becomes the fuel which we use to sustain our life force.  

My Story

My love of baking began from the love of spending time with my mother every week baking loaves of bread for our family.  From an early age I was introduced to the joy of creating with food. I am a so called 'self taught baker'... with many a mentor and synchronistic opportunities and lessons. 

photo by Renee Byrd

While in college, I was a barista for some time, making coffee for folks.  I truly enjoyed the interactions with regulars who came to get a little lift, but I was longing for a little more creativity in my work. So I looked for a baking job. I found a new little bakery in Madison, Wi called Daisy's Cafe & Cupcakery.  As one of their first bakers hired, I worked many days learning the in's and out's of cakes, pastries, frosting, and many other treats.

After Daisy, I moved back up to Green Bay, Wi where I connected with the owners of a vegetarian coffee house and community staple, called Kavarna.  I worked as a barista there for a little and inquired if they would be interested in having an in-house bakery, as all their baked goods were outsourced. They gave me a shot, and I created a pastry menu and gave my loving energy to that endeavor for quite a bit, until life called me to Boulder, Co. 

In Boulder, I studied Yoga History, Theory, and Philosophy at Naropa University. I was blessed to meet and work with Julia Hellerman who changed my baking game completely from conventionally made pastries to nutritionally minded.  I honed my skills in plant-based and sprouted grain baking by managing the bakery aspect of her small vegan and gluten-free business. We grew from a small farmer's market set up, to a small cafe - Julia's Kitchen, and became a wonderful community container for mindful eaters.  

Now, I am a newly transplanted resident of Charlottesville, Va. I am excited to immerse myself in the health and wellness community that I see burgeoning  here.  I hope to connect with many through the love of creative, nourishing food. Big Love, and Many Blessings.