Frequently Asked Questions

Is Everything Gluten-Free?

   A resounding, Yes!

Is Everything Plant-Based (Vegan)?

   Again. Absolutely, Yes.

I am allergic to nuts, is your bakery nut free?

   We are Peanut Free, but we do use nuts in the bakery and is not safe if you are worried about cross contamination.

What kind of sweetener do you use?

   We use coconut sugar to sweeten most pastries. Maple syrup and dates are also used to sweeten.  Occasionally Stevia or Swerve will be used upon special request.  We do not use cane sugar.

A lot of Gluten-Free baking uses gums and starchy flour, do you use gums?

   No.  We do steer clear from Guar Gum, Xantham Gum, Arrowroot, and any other such gums/binders.  We stick to whole grains and seeds that we soak, sprout, and mill in house.

What does it mean to be a 'Mindful Bakery'?

   Moon Maiden's Delights is the fruits of the contemplative practice of Owner/Baker Sidney Hall.  MMD's is a way that meditation and yoga theory and philosophy come to express itself as act and offering to a community.  The act of baking at MMD is a craft completed with attention, intention, and absorption.